Worries before travelling around China alone

Tomorrow I travel to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province in Southern China. Next I will travel to Sichuan, and then spend some time outside of China in Myanmar! I suppose this sounds a little strange to the reader of this blog, but I’m not looking forward to it all that much.

Coming to China in the first place was one thing, but I soon made good friends and I had a place to live. This February will be a different story. I’ve never travelled alone for so long before, actually. I will be away from Beijing for one month, uprooted and confused.

Loneliness:I was supposed to be travelling with someone, but plans changed and now I will travel alone. I arranged to meet some great friends along the way, and make some new ones too, but I’m still feeling rather apprehensive about it all. For one month, I will be away from the closest thing I have to home in China; my dormitory, and all my friends inside. I’m painfully beginning to realise how dependent I am on other people to guide my daily life. These past few days I really just sat inside and played video games, with my friends gone and no one to guide me. I hope to stand on my own one day. Maybe this month away will help.

Missed opportunities:Confession time: the last couple of trips I did on my own I managed to do one of two things – either I would sleep in , dawdle, and miss out on seeing something I wanted to see (the Tiger Park in Harbin, for instance), or I would downright miss my train somewhere (Shanghai, adding eight hours to my journey). These once in a lifetime opportunities that I miss out on, the money I waste when I do these silly things! I can’t really figure out why it happens that way. I came to China, I thought that I came to see the fantastic sights this place has to offer. However, after incidents like this I do question my real motives!

Missing trains, planes, and not being able to find accommodation: I realise these worries are totally normal for a holiday. Why else would people like my dad turn up at the airport eight hours before the flight leaves (Summer 2010)? But, well, in the past I would always rely on my parents, my family, y friends to plan the trip. I’d follow them and trust that we would all arrive on time. Now I will have to navigate four or five different flights, and the day before leaving and I haven’t even printed out the tickets!

I worry that I won’t be able to manage this trip, that I will be lonely, sad, and all sorts of things will go wrong. But I know if I do pull it off there will be some awesome stories to tell! And hopefully some more interesting blog posts than this one… See you in a month!


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