Dear Beijing

I have just returned to England! I will still be posting about China on this blog in the future , and probably writing about my impressions of returning to England too. First, a letter to Beijing:

Dear Beijing,

Although we weren’t together for long, I’m really happy to have spent time with you! Thank you for your bloody busy tourist attractions, your quiet hutongs, your beautiful parks and stunning gardens, ring roads, bicycles (so many bicycles) and hilarious cars. Thank you for your skyscrapers, alleyways, shops, cafes, cheap restaurants,and for your friendly residents.Thank you for always providing somebody to help me or to talk to me when I needed it.Tsinghua campus was a haven for me – I met so many lovely people and I had a place to relax when I wanted some time.

You may be noisy and dirty, but you really made me feel at home.I am fascinated walking your streets by day and feel secure walking by night. Thank you even for the sandstorms, the traffic and the mind-numbingly slow queues at the train station, where the train  always leaves on time but the tickets don’t.

I wasn’t always kind to you: sometimes I’d sigh, cry, feel angry or frustrated. I’d often be rude to your residents when I was feeling not-quite-awesome, and I didn’t always enjoy the sunny days that you offered! However, I will really miss you and I hope we can see each other again soon. I won’t forget you: we had too much fun!


Grace Jackson (Jian Ge Run)


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