Points Of Communication #3

Descriptions of people I met on my travels. These profiles seem to be particularly popular among my friends, so please check out Points Of Communication and Points Of Communication #2! a The Guiliner and his Tea Laoshi: In Guilin, the staff of the boutique near our hostel flattered and fussed over us to get us to buy clothes. After work, the guy who spoke English best (not very well, as it transpired) invited me to drink tea and chat. He was in his mid thirties but his smile was younger. He was proud to be a Guiliner and proud of his wife and son, showing me a photo of them all in pink t-shirts. He was interested to learn about England and said he loved his job because he got to meet people from everywhere. His friend knew all about tea and gave a lecture about tea every night. Qiezi Men: At barbecue in Qianmen, I met a primary (elementary) school teacher and a high (secondary) school teacher. The high school teacher was very loud, very friendly and very drunk, while the elementary teacher had a gentler temperament. They were tourists from Hunan Province and tried to tell me all about spicy delicacies across China. When I tried to teach the loud man ‘arse’ he began screaming it on the street in a very Chinese accent. Night Train Kid: A very timid high school graduate sat next to me on the train to Jinan. When my friend started a conversation with him, he confessed je really was nervous because he’d never spoken to a foreigner before. Maths was his speciality but he couldn’t bring himself to try speaking English. Him and his classmates had been sent to do an internship straight after their high school exam. He said he hated trains, buses and planes because they were a waste of time, but he loved to travel around!


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